The Elf Queen of Shannara

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Book 3 of THE HERITAGE OF SHANNARA finds Wren Ohmsford, of Elven blood, sent on a quest by the long-dead shade of the Druid Allanon to find the missing Elves and bring them back to the Four Lands, so that they can help defeat the Shadowen. At intervals, chapters diverge from the main plot to show the concurrent adventures of other characters in the series.

Eighteen-year-old Wren has been reared as a Rovergirl by her best friend, Garth, also a Rover, who is both deaf and dumb. They communicate through sign language.

Following a trail that leads them first into the Wilderun and to an old woman known as the Addershag, they travel on her advice to a cliffside lookout point where they burn a signal fire, not knowing what their actions will bring. They are attacked by the Shadowen monster that had been trailing them, and in her desperation to save Garth, Wren discovers that the painted stones in her leather pouch, her only link to her childhood, are the legendary Elfstones of Shea Ohmsford. Soon they are joined by an Elven Wing Rider who takes them to Morrowindl, the island home of the Elves. Left on the beach to fight her way to the Elves through demon-infested swamps and mountains, Wren must use the seductive power of the Elfstones, against her will, to save herself and Garth. When they find the Elves, they learn not only that Wren is the granddaughter of the Elven queen, but also that the Elves have been waiting for her arrival, expecting her to save them from imminent doom.