Principal Works

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Lilus Kikus (novel) 1954

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Hasta no verte, Jesús Mío [Until We Meet Again] (novel) 1969

Le noche de Tlatelolco [Massacre in Mexico] (nonfiction) 1971

Querido Diego, te abraza Quiela [Dear Diego] (fictional letters) 1978

De noche vienes (short stories) 1979

Gaby Brimmer [with Gaby Brimmer] (documentary) 1979

Fuerte es el silencio (short stories) 1980

íAy vida, no me mereces! (essays) 1985

La ‘Flor de Lis’ (novel) 1988

Nada, nadie: Las voces del temblor [Nothing, Nobody: Voices of the Mexico City Earthquake] (documentary) 1988

Todo Mexico (interviews) 1991

Tinísima [Tinisima (novel) 1992

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