Elena Garro Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


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Analyzes Garro's use of the fantastic and skepticism of historical truth, in her historical novel Los recuerdos del porvenir.

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Applies a psychoanalytical approach to the fairytale elements of Garro's play Los pilares de doña Blanca.

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Examines the ways Garro's version of La Dama Boba subverts the principal hierarchies that prevailed during the time of the original Golden Age version of the play.

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Provides a metafictional reading of La dama boba, examining Garro's use of Lope de Vega's Golden Age version of the play.

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Discusses the ways in which the form of Los recuerdos del porvenir supports and influences the content.

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Collection of essays on Garro's works; also contains a secondary bibliography.

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