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Park is a young boy who takes the bus to school every day. He allows the new girl to sit with him and they bond over comics and music. As they fall for each other, he's more comfortable being himself and grows closer with his family. He drives her to her family's house in another state when she has to run from her abusive stepfather.

Eleanor is a girl who moved back in with her family after being forced to leave for a year by her abusive stepfather. She prefers dressing in an eclectic style and often wears men's clothing. She and Park become friends and then fall for each other as time goes on. Unfortunately, she finds out that her stepfather is the one leaving her sexually charged messages, and he destroys her things. She has to leave the state and move in with family.

Steve and Tina are two bullies. Steve, especially, is focused on Park. In the end, though, they help Eleanor escape her abusive stepfather.

Richie is Eleanor's abusive stepfather. He leaves her sexually-charged messages in her notebooks and destroys her things.

Sabrina is Richard's wife and Eleanor's mother. She loves Eleanor but doesn't adequately protect her or her other children from Richie.

Mindy and Jamie are Park's parents. Jamie is a veteran and Mindy runs a salon. Mindy's from Korea and her original name was Min-Dae.

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