The Egypt Game Topics for Discussion
by Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Topics for Discussion

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. April exhibits strange behavior during her first few days at the Casa Rosada. Why do you suppose she dresses the way she does and says such outrageous things?

2. What impresses April about the Professor? Is she a good judge of character? Give examples.

3. What is Melanie's family background and how does it influence her behavior and the sorts of games she invents?

4. How does the Egypt Game begin? What is there about April and Melanie that would lead to such an elaborate game? What part does Marshall play in all this?

5. Why do you suppose the girls find it necessary not only to have an altar for a good god but also one for an evil god? Describe both altars and gods.

6. April remembers her mother now as only a blur. What do you suppose Snyder means by, "But a bright and beautiful blur, no matter how distant, was better than a reality that was dull and gray." What has her relationship with her mother been like?

7. How does the appearance of Elizabeth at the Casa Rosada change the Egypt Game?

8. When the second neighborhood child is found murdered, why do you suppose the neighborhood immediately assumes that the Professor did it? Why does April think he is innocent? Why does the rest of the gang want to believe her?

9. How do Toby and Ken change the game? What makes the game so interesting to the boys?

10. What ends the Egypt Game? Do you think it is possible that the game went on for so long without anyone except the Professor and the two boys finding out?

11. Instead of losing their private play space at the novel's end, each member of the group is given a key to the storage area. How will this change the game? What lets you know April and Melanie are still full of ideas?

12. April's indifferent attitude toward her grandmother changes to one of love and dependence. How has her relationship with her mother changed? Cite examples.