Why did Toby want to be the high priest in the funeral ceremony?

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When it comes to conducting an elaborate funeral ceremony for Elizabeth's pet parakeet, Toby is certain that he's perfect for the role of high priest. He desperately wants to officiate at the solemn ceremony, during which Elizabeth's deceased bird will be taken in procession to the temple of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead.

But Toby's got competition. As April points out, she came up with the idea of a funeral ceremony with Melanie, a.k.a. Aida, and so they should be the ones who get to be high priestesses of the dead. But Toby's having none of it. He just loves being at the center of things, and he's adamant that he and Ken, a.k.a. Horemheb, should carry out this exalted role. Besides, Toby's just finished reading a great book that tells you all about how the Egyptians mummified the dead. He clearly wants to put ideas from the book into effect.

As neither side's prepared to back down, the decision is left to Queen Neferbeth, i.e. Elizabeth. After all, it's her pet that's about to be buried. As she doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, however, she breaks the deadlock by putting a pebble in her hand and inviting the others to guess which hand she's holding it in. Ken and Toby make the correct choice, and so they get to be the high priests at the solemn funeral ceremony of Queen Neferbeth's dead parakeet.

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