How many characters are in The Egypt Game?

Expert Answers

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There are six members in the Egypt group. April, who is 11 and sent to live with her late father's mother. Melanie, her African American friend, who is also 11, and Marshall, Melanie's little five year old brother-who while much younger is accepted as an equal in the group.

There is also a nine year old Chinese girl named Elizabeth, and two eleven year old boys, Ken and Toby who round out the group.

The Egypt game is a game the children have devised because they are fascinated with everything having to do with Egypt. The diversity of age and race adds to the eclectic quality of the group.

There are few adults in the story, April's parents are not a part of it, and there is a neighbor, the professor who is a murder suspect. The children fear him at first, but April comes to realize that she is in a position to help him.

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