The Egypt Game Summary

In The Egypt Game, April and her friends invent a game inspired by the Egyptians. Fascinated by ancient Egypt, they invent their own hieroglyphs, perform rituals, and study the ancient Egyptian gods. When a child is murdered, the game must be put on hold. April is later attacked, but saved, and the killer is brought to justice.

  • After her father dies and her mother neglects her, April goes to live with her grandmother. April has trouble adjusting to this situation, but grows to love her grandmother.

  • April and her friend Melanie invent the Egypt game. Their group gradually grows larger, and the kids perform elaborate rituals and invent their own hieroglyphs. They enact their rituals in the storage yard of an antique shop owned by the Professor.

  • The Egypt Game goes on hiatus after a girl is murdered. Later, April is attacked, but then saved by the Professor. The murderer is brought to justice, and the Egypt Game ends; but a new game involving gypsies is proposed.


(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

The Egypt Game is a story about a group of diverse, imaginative children playing a game about Egypt. Like most of Snyder's books,...

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