Egeria Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)


Bowman, Glenn. “Christian Ideology and the Image of the Holy Land: The Place of Jerusalem Pilgrimage in the Various Christianities.” In Contesting the Sacred: The Anthropology of Christian Pilgrimage, edited by John Eade and Michael J. Sallnow, pp. 98-121. London: Routledge, 1991.

Compares the perspectives and practices of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant pilgrims to the Holy Land.

———. “‘Mapping History's Redemption’: Eschatology and Topography in the Itinerarium Burdigalense.” In Jerusalem: Its Sanctity and Centrality to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, edited by Lee I. Levine, pp. 163-87. New...

(The entire section is 691 words.)