(Edward) Rod(man) Serling

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Rod Serling has fashioned a stark drama of an imaginative nightmare [Where Is Everybody?] that puts [Twilight Zone] in orbit with an auspicious takeoff. It may well turn out to be one of CBS-TV's strongest entries, generic in its appeal and with the arresting quality of skirting the current cycles. It gives tv a new and much-needed dimension, far off the beaten path of westerns and private eyes. If the word hadn't been abused, it could be honestly labelled adult drama.

Serling has stood for qualitative writing and here, in his own venture, he is inspired to heights corresponding with the moon phase of the story. If the title is mystical, all the more in its favor, it is not a detached contrivance. It refers to the fifth dimension, that of imagination, in which a human guinea pig takes a journey into the shadows….

Compelling drama that never released its taut grip, the writing and narration of Serling … gave it an epic dimension of greatness in an early season of mediocrity.

Helm., in a review of "Where Is Everybody?" in Variety, October 5, 1959.

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