Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

The brevity of Edward Lewis Wallant’s literary career did not allow for a long list of publications. He did contribute three short stories to the New Voices series: “I Held Back My Hand” appeared in New Voices 2 (1955), “The Man Who Made a Nice Appearance” in New Voices 3 (1958), and the posthumously published “When Ben Awakened” in American Scene: New Voices (1963). Wallant also wrote an essay on the art of fiction that was published in the Teacher’s Notebook in English (1963). In addition, a sizable collection housed at the Beinecke Library at Yale University includes unpublished manuscripts, the final drafts of Wallant’s first two unpublished novels, about one-half dozen short stories, various drafts of his published novels, the first act of a play, his journal and his notebooks, and miscellaneous loose notes and fragments.