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Can the Indian Education be called a mimicry?

In India, I see that most of the students are compeled to take a subject without their interest.That is why The percent of India goes down to 1%(in higher education).

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I think that a couple of point need to be stressed here.  The first is that part of the "mimicry" that is perceived comes down to the manner of assessment.  If higher education students are going to be assessed through high stakes standardized assessment, and the score on this drives their options for post- graduate life, mimicry might be the best approach to safeguard their futures.  We hear of many situations where student's do not fare well on such assessments and end up resorting to drastic measures as a result.  If the educational system is motivated by high stakes testing, I would question any other approach but mimicry because, evidently, success on tests are all that matter.  The larger issue that might result from this is that there needs to be a reconfiguration of how teaching and learning are structured in higher education settings.  Being able to teach a subject through in depth analysis and allowing students to find their voice in that discipline should be the focus of instruction in these settings.  Yet, if the looming presence of standardized testing is not placed in an appropriate and proportionate context, instruction will not be altered.

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