What is the the contextual significance of the quality education concept in the field of education?

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The concept or idea of "quality education" represents one of the strongest trends in modern education today.  Right now, there is an emphasis on defining quality education in a variety of ways.  I sense that the term is used to generate discussion about changing education.  The idea is that the current educational system is not providing "quality education" and that initiatives being formulated can do so.  In this light, the contextual significance of the concept of quality education can be used by different groups to ensure that their own model is adopted.  For example, advocates of charter schools suggest that their model is representative of "quality education."  Any move against or opposite of this is denying the concept.  Advocates of high stakes standardized testing suggest that the movement towards this reality will help to guarantee "quality education."  Opponents are thus branded as being against it.  Quality education has become the driving force in where education is going as all sides seek to appropriate it for their own purposes and to advance their own agenda.  As education competitiveness is critical in the 21st Century, "quality education" has become the concept that is most in demand and most involved in the discourse of modern education.

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