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1. Who turned Sergeant Gunter in? Why would he do so?

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2. If you had to choose between Riverview and Wheaton, which school would you prefer to attend? What would make it preferable?

3. What aspects of Chicago does Nifkin like best? How well does he explain why he likes them?

4. Why doesn't anyone care that the furniture Nifkin helps deliver are fakes? Even the purchaser of the obviously fraudulent table does not seem concerned about its bogus authentication.

5. The Education of Robert Nifkin is full of sharp one-liners, for instance:

"I fear my mother's meatloaf more than I fear my father."

"When we need to overcome desire, we talk on the phone while wearing boxer shorts on our heads . . ."

"Presumably, somewhere in the building, classes were going on. Nobody seemed to give a damn. It was lovely."

What are your favorites? What do they contribute to the novel?

6. Does The Education of Robert Nifkin reflect any of your own attitudes toward school? Has it influenced any of you attitudes?

7. What would happen to America if every student's high school education were like Nifkin's? Would people be better off or worse off than they are now?

8. What is the future for Nifkin and Nastasia?

9. How educated is Nifkin by the end of The Education of Robert Nifkin?

10. Will college be a good experience for Nifkin?

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