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1. There have been experiments with undisciplined learning environments like that of Wheaton School. What are they? Have any been successes? How would you define a school's success?

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2. What should a high school provide its students? What would be your ideal high school? What would it do? How would students experience it?

3. Nifkin attends high school in the mid-to-late 1950s. What was the fuss about communism in America's schools in those days? What sort of threat was there?

4. What was a beatnik? Were beatniks like the ones described in The Education of Robert Nifkin?

5. What are the libraries, public and university, of Chicago? What would they offer Nifkin?

6. Compare The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler to The Education of Robert Nifkin. What do they have in common? How do they differ? What do the differences tell us about what Pinkwater wants to do in The Education of Robert Nifkin?

7. The Education of Robert Nifkin is populated with eccentric characters. Some are two dimensional, like most of the teachers at Riverview High School. Nifkin's parents seem to rise only a little out of two dimensions. Which characters in the novel are the most developed, and which are the least developed? Why would Pinkwater fully develop the particular characters he does?

8. How common are forged and imitation antiques? What is the market for them?

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