What are some critical thinking quotes in Educated?

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I began to experience the most powerful advantage of money: the ability to think of things besides money.

Now that Tara has a good job and a place of her own, she can think of other things besides money. When she was growing up dirt poor, constantly moving around from place to place with her family, she didn't have that luxury.

Among other things, these traumatic formative experiences blunted Tara's ability to think critically. To a large extent, her mind was not her own as a child; it was shaped by her parents to conform to their warped, eccentric worldview. She unthinkingly swallowed whatever her parents told her without ever being able to evaluate the truth of what they were saying. But now that Tara's finally gotten free from these people who inflicted so much harm upon her, she's finally able to take a step back and examine the world around her from a more critical, detached perspective.

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