Chapters 24–29

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Chapter 24: A Knight, Errant

Tara attends Psychology 101 and is shocked to hear the professor explain bipolar disorder. The symptoms overlap with her father's erratic behavior. When another student asks whether mental illness might explain certain separatist movements, "like Waco, Texas, or Ruby Ridge, Idaho," she is astonished yet again. After some research, she realizes the conflict she grew up hearing about is a famous one. She had been taught there was a government cover-up of the Ruby Ridge incident, but the evidence suggests the opposite—not only do people know about the siege on the Weaver family, but coverage of the event is predominantly sympathetic to the family.

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She becomes transfixed by the effects of mental illness, focusing her elective Psychology coursework for the term on the effects of bipolar disorder on the children of those afflicted. The more she learns, the angrier she gets about her own experience as such a child. When she returns home to Buck's Peak one weekend, she and her father have an argument. For the first time in her life, she yells at him.

This time, when summer break comes around, Tara elects to stay in Utah. Now nineteen, she begins to "experiment with normality." She starts dating Nick, a “gentile” from her new church and sees a doctor when she comes down with a sore throat. For the first time, she even takes antibiotics.

Chapter 25: The Work of Sulphur

Gene is badly injured in an explosion on the mountain, and the family assumes he's unlikely to survive. Faye attempts to take him to the doctor, but he refuses. "I'd rather die than see a doctor," he tells her.

Tara rushes home to say goodbye, and the rest of the family gathers as well. Gene is so badly burned that he's barely recognizable, and together they keep watch as he continues to refuse traditional medicine. They tend him with Faye's salve, which he insists is good enough. "This is the Lord's pain," he tells them, and he intends to "feel every part of it."

Chapter 26: Waiting for the Moving Water

To everyone's surprise, Gene survives. His injuries have an unexpected effect on the family dynamic: speech is difficult during his recovery, so he begins listening for what seems like the first time. He asks Tara one late-summer morning to tell him more about her classes. "It felt like a new beginning," she muses.

Before the end of the summer, Shawn announces that he and his girlfriend Emily are getting married. Concerned for Emily's welfare, Tara attempts to warn her in private one night. "He's a spiritual man," Emily responds, brushing off Tara's concerns. They wed in fall. A week later, Tara breaks up with Nick, realizing that her world is far too complicated to accommodate him.

Chapter 27: If I Were a Woman

As Tara's studies continue, she focuses her energy on geography, history, and politics. This causes a deep internal conflict, because her intention upon enrollment at BYU had always been to study music. Music, after all, was compatible with her sense of femininity and what it means to be a woman. These unexpected interests were not. "I'd been wondering how I could be a woman and yet be drawn to unwomanly things," she notes.

Seeking insight, she asks her Jewish History professor for guidance. When she tells him she didn't learn of the Holocaust until enrolling at BYU, he is astonished to learn of her background. He encourages her to apply for a study abroad program at Cambridge. Though her question isn't quite answered, she walks away with a conclusion that feels useful: "First find out what you are capable of, then decide who you are."

That Christmas, Tara returns to Buck's Peak. Emily is pregnant, and Gene is slowly recovering some of his physical movement. "God spared my life and extended to me a great calling," he tells Tara over dinner one night, "to testify of His power."


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