Edith Wharton Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Edith Wharton Long Fiction Analysis

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

On a surface level, there is a surprising variety in the kinds of characters and the aspects of life with which Edith Wharton was familiar. In The House of Mirth, for example, one of her best novels, she was able to create characters such as the Trenors and the Van Osburghs, who belong to opposite ends of the upper level of old New York society, as well as Nettie Struther, the poor working-class girl who befriends Lily Bart when she has sunk from the glittering world of Fifth Avenue social life to a seedy, boardinghouse existence. In The Fruit of the Tree, she created not only the world of the fashionable Westmores but also the factory milieu in which the foreman John Amherst attempts to bring industrial reform....

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