Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

In addition to her many collections of poetry, Edith Sitwell wrote several volumes of critical essays, biography, autobiography, social history, and fiction. Foremost among her critical studies are Poetry and Criticism (1925), Aspects of Modern Poetry (1934), and A Poet’s Notebook (1943). Her critical biography Alexander Pope (1930) was meant to serve as a vindication of the man and poet. Having as much of an affinity for Queen Elizabeth as for Alexander Pope, she wrote of England’s controversial monarch in Fanfare for Elizabeth (1946) and The Queens and the Hive (1962). Bath (1932) is a work of social history. I Live Under a Black Sun (1937) is a fictionalized biography of Jonathan Swift. She also edited several anthologies, of which The Pleasures of Poetry (1930-1932, 1934), The American Genius (1951), and The Atlantic Book of British and American Poetry (1958) are the best known. Her rather acerbic autobiography, which was posthumously published, is titled Taken Care Of (1965).