The Edible Woman Chapters 9-12: Questions and Answers

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 9-12: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Describe Peter’s, Len’s, and Ainsley’s reactions when Marian begins to run away from them.

2. What does Marian find so attractive about the dusty space beneath Len’s bed?

3. Describe Marian’s thoughts as she lies hidden beneath the bed.

4. Why does Marian run away yet again after Peter gets her up?

5. How does Peter react to the property damage he causes with his car?

6. What is Ainsley’s reaction to Marian’s engagement to Peter?

7. How do Marian and Peter view their engagement to each other?

8. Describe Duncan’s fascination with laundromats. Why does he go there so often?

9. What are Duncan’s thoughts on being a graduate student of English Literature?

10. Summarize Marian’s thoughts in the last chapter of Part One. Is she being honest with herself? Is she trying to justify her actions somehow?

1. At first all three are astonished and do nothing. Peter and Len start after Marian but Peter turns back to get his car. When they finally catch up to her, Peter asks what the hell got into her. Len tells her that he did not think her the
hysterical type. The next morning, Ainsley tells Marian that she behaved like a “real idiot.”

2. She thinks it would be quiet. Once underneath, she feels like she is underground, as though she had dug herself a private burrow away from the others “up there.”

3. She begins to feel...

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