The Edible Woman Chapters 26-29: Questions and Answers

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 26-29: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Describe Marian’s feelings as she contemplates Peter’s wardrobe closet.

2. What is Peter’s response when Marian asks if he loves her?

3. Why is Joe so happy that he and Clara were invited to the party?

4. What is Trevor’s reaction when Marian opens the door?

5. What is Duncan’s reaction?

6. How does Peter react to Len’s “baptism in utero”?

7. When Marian realizes that she is still safe, that Peter has not yet snapped her photo, she decides that she must get out before it’s too late. Too late for what?

8. Where does Marian go when she leaves the party?

9. On the morning after their night together, what reason does Duncan give for not wanting to stay with Marian?

10. Why does Duncan discourage Marian from seeing a psychiatrist?

1. She feels that Peter’s clothes assert an “invisible silent authority” and regards them with fear.

2. He kisses her on the earring and assures her that he loves her, especially in the red dress.

3. Because Clara never gets the chance to get out of the house.

4. Trevor does not recognize Marian. He then tells her that she should wear red more often.

5. Duncan examines Marian carefully and asks her who she is supposed to be.

6.He takes a picture.

7. By now a clear association has been established between cameras and guns. Marian has just imagined a rabid Peter aiming a raised camera at her and, as she runs away, thinks that if he pulls the trigger (of his camera) and captures her on film, she would be stopped and “fixed indissolubly in that gesture.” Her identity would be permanently defined.

8. Marian goes to the laundromat to look for Duncan.

9. He tells her that he’s had enough “so-called” reality for now. He also tells her that she is no longer an escape and that if he stayed, he would feel obligated to start worrying about her.

10. Because a psychiatrist would only want to “adjust” her.