The Edible Woman Chapters 20-22: Questions and Answers

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 20-22: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Marian resent the music that is filtered through the aisles of the supermarket?

2. How does Marian’s knowledge of marketing strategies help protect her against the various schemes used to increase the desire to buy?

3. Earlier in the novel, Len made a comment about women and education. In Chapter 20, a similar view is expressed. What is it?

4. Marian’s dinner party is not a success. After her guests have left, Peter decides that he and Marian will never be like Clara and Joe. Marian decides that it does not matter if Peter does not get along with them—why?

5. According to Duncan, what do sex and the writing of term papers have...

(The entire section is 441 words.)