The Edible Woman Chapters 13-16: Questions and Answers

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 13-16: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How has Marian’s attitude towards her job changed since her engagement?

2. Why do Marian and her friends from work go to a fancy restaurant for lunch?

3. What are the three office virgins hoping to get from Marian following the announcement of her engagement?

4. What is the link between Peter and the “Underwear Man”?

5. What peculiar sensation overcomes Marian in the movie theatre?

6. Why has Marian been avoiding her friend Clara?

7. What does Marian think she has escaped when she leaves Clara’s hospital room?

8. Explain Duncan’s addiction to ironing.

9. What goes through Marian’s mind as Duncan pulls her down beside him on his bed?

10. What is Duncan’s reaction when he learns that Marian is engaged to be married?

1. Now that she is engaged, Marian knows that her job at Seymour Surveys is temporary. As a result, she views her surroundings with a certain amount of detachment and is unable to feel a sense of participation with the turmoil around her.

2. It is Lucy who suggests the fancier-than-usual restaurant. Lucy has been eating at fancier restaurants because she reasons that these are the places “the right kind of men might be expected to be lurking.”

3. They want to know how Marian caught her man.

4. After hearing about...

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