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Duncan is the moody, manipulative graduate student with whom Marian has an affair. He appears to be incapable of loving anyone, as he is so...

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Marian McAlpin

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Marian McAlpin is the protagonist. Toward the end of the book, Marian says, "I'm coping, I'm coping." These words sum up Marian's character....

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Ainsley Tewce

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Ainsley is Marian's roommate. Ainsley represents the progressive, alternative woman. She is aggressive and determined. She shuns the role...

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Fischer Smythe

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Fish is a graduate student and roommate of Duncan. His most prominent scene is at what David L. Harkness, in his essay "Alice in Toronto: The...

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Peter Wollander

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Peter is Marian's fiancé. Marian considers Peter a good catch: "He was ordinariness raised to perfection." He is a lawyer whose status is...

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Other Characters

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Clara Bates
Clara is a somewhat neglected and very pregnant friend of Marian McAlpin, the protagonist. Marian has...

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