The Edible Woman Chapters 30-31: Summary and Analysis

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 30-31: Summary and Analysis

Marian is not home for more than a few moments before she receives a call from Peter. He is angry and demands to know where she disappeared to last night. He tells her that she disrupted his evening and that he and Lucy drove up and down the streets looking for her. He also asks about the young man (Duncan) he heard about through Trevor. Marian offers a few vague answers but does not want to talk about this over the phone. Instead, she asks Peter to come over later in the day. She has not yet made any decisions and wishes to have some more time to think things over. What she wants, she decides, is a way of knowing “what was real,” a test of some kind. She does not want to get tangled up in a...

(The entire section is 2168 words.)