The Edible Woman Chapters 26-29: Summary and Analysis

Margaret Atwood

Chapters 26-29: Summary and Analysis

Because the elevator in Peter’s building is not working, Marian and Peter must use the stairs to get to his seventh-floor apartment. As they reach the fifth-floor landing, Marian finally decides to tell Peter that she has invited some other friends to the party. During the car ride over, she had been wondering how she was going to tell him; she is unsure whether he will be happy or mad. Taking a step away from Peter, Marian grips the railing and tells him. Peter is only slightly irritated and is surprised to learn that Marian has so many friends that he does not know. He tells her that he will have to make a point of getting to know them to find out about her private life. Hearing this, Marian...

(The entire section is 4222 words.)