The Edge of the Storm

by Agustín Yáñez

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Last Updated on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 236

The Edge of the Storm is a historical novel by Mexican writer Agustín Yáñez. The novel features several historical events and can be regarded as a historical study of Mexico just as much as a work of fiction. One of the most prominent themes of novel is the cultural identity of Mexicans during the revolution. In particular, Yáñez analyzes the Mexican psyche in relation to how people react to slow changes in Mexican society at the time. Another theme of the novel is the concept of the past—whether the past from the personal history of the characters or the greater history of Mexico—and how it affects the present or future.

This is illustrated most vividly by Don Timoteo Limón, who has visions of his young daughter and the tragic events that happened in the past. Another theme in the novel is the symbolism of omens or signs. In the beginning of the novel, Don Timoteo Limón is disturbed by the howling of a dog, which prevents him from offering prayers to saints and instead evokes images of the past.

The other theme of the novel is the concept of morality, which highlights the Catholic mentality of the Mexican people. Murder and deception are some of the "sins" that cause turmoil within the characters. Sins and guilt are analogies for the crimes against Mexico by various oppressors in the past.

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