illustrated portrait of American author of gothic fiction Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

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Do any of Edgar Allan Poe's works reflect his own emotions?

Expert Answers

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Only Poe can answer this question definitively, but I'd have to say that yes, his own emotions did come through in his writing.

In looking at Poe's life, it was easy to see that he was surrounded by death. His parents died, his foster mother died, his siblings died and then his wife died!  Therefore it is no great wonder that much of his stories and poetry focuses on death and loss and mourning.

Poe also had drug/alcohol issues, which probably added to his depressed state and morbid thoughts, which is also reflected in his writing.

The link will take you to a biography site on enotes that has further information. After reading that, re-read some of his writings, and I think you will see a link between emotions and writing.

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