The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

As a result of a navigational error, a spaceship crew of six crashes on an unexplored Earth-like planet that they have called Eden, in recognition of the beautiful view that it offers from space. The members of the crew have no names; they are denoted by their professions: the Captain, the Doctor, the Chemist, the Engineer, the Physicist, and the Cyberneticist.

The crew members are faced with a double task. They must try, with the help of their robots, to repair their spaceship, which is partly buried in the ground; and they are eager to explore the planet, which is populated by strange beings that exhibit social phenomena that puzzle the earthlings.

The crew encounters a bizarre, spiderlike form of vegetation with bulbous growths that resemble abdomens. When nicked, the bulbs bleed a bright yellow sap that immediately coagulates in a thick resin, which gives off an intense odor that the humans find sickening. The crew members also discover gray trees that hiss and withdraw into the ground when touched. They encounter an abandoned factory that automatically produces objects of various forms and sizes, which are then melted down and brought back into the production process in an endless loop that produces nothing and serves no recognizable purpose. Elsewhere they find deserts, cities, and giant statues. They also find creatures they call “doublers,” small beings with no face, often without eyes or ears, that sit in the kangaroo-like pouches of a half-ton gray mass. The doublers apparently are intelligent, but attempts at...

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