Eden End Characters
by J. B. Priestley

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Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Stella Kirby

Stella Kirby, an actress in her early thirties. She has not achieved the success she had dreamed of when she left her home in Eden End, in northern England, some years before. Her unexpected return creates upheaval for the rest of the household. To the prodigal daughter, Eden End has seemed a safe haven, but she soon learns that she no longer belongs in the innocent world of her youth. She foresees that the future may hold even more disappointments for her, but, reunited with the husband from whom she has been estranged, she goes off bravely to face that uncertain future.

Dr. Kirby

Dr. Kirby, a widower, an ailing general practitioner about sixty years old. He is aware of the seriousness of his heart condition and his imminent death. Naïvely believing his daughter Stella to be a success, he admires her for having had the courage to pursue her dream. He had wanted to be a London specialist but had settled for something less at his wife’s urging. He is optimistic about a future that he will not live to see, unaware that England will soon be plunged into a shattering war that will disrupt the lives of all of his children.

Lilian Kirby

Lilian Kirby, Stella’s younger sister, who acts as housekeeper for her father. She is in love with Geoffrey Farrant and jealous of her sister, whom Farrant still loves. Lilian, who hides her emotions in sarcasm, arranges for Stella’s estranged husband, Charles Appleby, to visit Eden End.

Geoffrey Farrant

Geoffrey Farrant, a former army officer who retains his military bearing despite a slight limp. In his late thirties, he now manages a nearby estate but decides to try a new life in New Zealand, to Lilian’s dismay, once he learns that Stella is married.

Charles Appleby

Charles Appleby, Stella’s estranged husband, a second-rate actor, about forty years old, who dresses in loud Harris tweeds. There is evidence of charm and good breeding about him but also signs that he drinks too much. He...

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