Eclipse, as well as the entire four-book Twilight saga, is basically a romance. Therefore, the main theme throughout the series is that of love. The stories offer wide variations on this topic. The primary love story is between Bella and Edward, but Jacob also plays a role. In the first and second books, Bella and Jacob develop a strong relationship.Their love is not as intimate as that between Bella and Edward, but the love does run deep. Jacob’s love is more serious than Bella’s love for him, so his becomes the unrequited love. Or better yet, Bella does return his love but the portion is less than Jacob had hoped for. In New Moon, when Edward disappears, Jacob is very supportive of Bella and hopes that Edward never comes back. But in the first chapter ofEclipse, Edward has returned, and Jacob is angered. Bella forgives Edward for abandoning her and eventually has to confess to Jacob that though she loves him, that love is different from the passion she feels for Edward. By the end of Eclipse, though Jacob attempts to understand, he is so frustrated by Bella’s inability to love him deeply that he runs away.

The love that Bella shares with both Jacob and Edward is a love that transcends incredibly charged differences. Both Jacob and Edward, being werewolf and vampire, respectively, could cause Bella great harm. They are tremendously stronger than she is and both of the young men have wild sides. Bella ignores these differences and sees something worthwhile in both the young men. She can love them in spite of the differences between them and herself. She also practices unconditional love with both men, forgiving them when they hurt her, and trusting them even though she does not always understand what they are doing.

The author also describes a type of love that she calls imprinting. The way Meyer explains it, imprinting is a totally irrational form of love that is so strong that the two people...

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