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Jacob Black is the teenage son of Billy Black. Jacob falls in love with Bella and becomes her close friend. When Edward left Bella in the second book of the series, Jacob supported Bella emotionally as she tried to get through the trauma. When Edward returns in Eclipse, Jacob is angered that Bella goes back to Edward, and he often threatens to do harm to Edward. Jacob is very protective of Bella and eventually learns to control his hatred of Edward for Bella’s sake.

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Billy Black is the father of Jacob Black. He is an elder of the La Push Quileute tribe and important member of the tribe’s council. Through his friendship with Charlie Swan, Billy is fond of Bella and encourages the budding relationship Bella has with Jacob. Billy is confined to a wheelchair.

Alice Cullen is the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, making her an adopted sister of Edward. Alice has the gift of seeing into the future. The Cullens use Alice’s gift to give them an edge in fighting adversaries and protecting Bella, as well as the other members of the family. Alice and Jasper are a couple. Alice develops a close relationship with Bella, often throwing parties for her and buying her presents to lighten Bella’s moods.

Carlisle Cullen is a respected medical doctor. He had hunted vampires as a youth and was bitten and transformed. He learned over the years that instead of existing on human blood, animal blood would keep him alive as a vampire. He is a doctor at the Forks hospital and is responsible for saving the lives of the members of his adopted family.

Edward Cullen shares the role of protagonist in the Twilight saga. He is a vampire and is in love with Bella. Edward was saved from death by Carlisle. Although the smell of Bella’s blood is almost uncontrollably alluring, Edward uses self-control not to taste it. He is overly protective and is also reluctant to change Bella into a vampire. He is concerned that vampires do not have souls and thus does not want to rob Bella of her humanity. Edward’s special gift is that he can read people’s and vampires’ thoughts. He is stumped, however, when it comes to Bella. He cannot penetrate her mind.

Emmet Cullen is an adopted son of Carlisle and Esme. Emmet and Rosalie are a couple. Rosalie saw Emmet mauled by a bear and brought him to Carlisle to save his life by turning him into a vampire.Emmet reminds Rosalie of a baby her friend had while Rosalie was still human. Rosalie wishes she could give birth and is attracted to Emmet because of her memories of the young child. She thinks Emmet looks like the baby. Though Emmet often teases Bella for her human traits, such as clumsiness, he often protects her.

Esme Cullen is Carlisle’s wife. Esme tried to commit suicide while she was human. She’d lost a child and could not face the future. The medical staff thought she was dead, but Carlisle heard her heart beating and saved her by transforming her into a vampire. Her role in Eclipse is very limited.

Jaspar Cullen is an adopted son of Carlisle and Esme. Jaspar is coupled with Alice. Jaspar came from Texas, where he was involved in a great war among various covens of vampires. Jaspar’s special skill is feeling other people’s emotions. He is also able to help other people relax.Jaspar was involved with newborn vampires in Texas and helps the Cullens get rid of juvenile vampires in Seattle.

Rosalie Cullen is an adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme. Rosalie came from a well-to-do family in upstate New York. She was engaged to a very rich man, who assaulted her and left her for dead before their wedding. Rosalie was taken to Carlisle, who saved her life by turning her into a vampire. Rosalie misses being human and tries to persuade Bella not to allow Edward to change her.

Bella Swan shares the role of protagonist in this story with Edward. She is Charlie’s daughter and is in love with Edward. Bella is a human teen throughout most of the Twilight saga. However, upon falling in love with Edward and learning all his secrets, Bella decides to become a vampire.Bella seems to be in constant danger, either from her own ineptness or because of her strong emotions. But she manages to survive. InEclipse, Bella finally graduates from high school and agrees to marry Edward.

Charlie Swan is the chief of police in Forks and is Bella’s father. He was once married to Renee, Bella’s mother. Charlie is very protective of Bella and prefers that she hang out with Jacob rather than Edward.Charlie is close friends with Billy Black, father of Jacob. When he is not working, Charlie likes to go fishing or to watch sports on television.

Victoria is a vampire who once was coupled with James. James was killed in the first book of the series for having attacked Bella. Victoria seeks revenge for James’s death and becomes a threat in Eclipse by bringing together a coven of juvenile vampires in Seattle. She plans a great battle. Victoria faces not only the Cullen coven but also the La Push werewolves of which Jacob is a part.

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