Stephenie Meyer’s 2007 novel Eclipse begins in Forks, Washington, the same setting as the previous two Twilight series books. Eclipse is the third book of the four-book collection. In this novel, Bella Swan, the female protagonist of this saga, is within weeks of graduating from high school. Her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, has returned to Forks after having run away from Bella for fear that his relationship with her was endangering her life. Jacob Black, the third main character of this story, is angry at Bella for forgiving Edward and welcoming him back into her heart. Jacob (also called Jake) is in love with Bella, too. Jake is a werewolf.

Charlie, Bella’s father, is the chief of police in Forks. As Bella and Edward fill out college applications at the kitchen table, Charlie points out the headlines of the morning news. There has been a rash of murders in Seattle, a nearby city. This news will become critical later in the story.

Edward reminds Bella that she has yet to use the airline tickets that were a birthday present from Edward’s family. He suggests that she use them soon. Edward even talks Charlie into coercing Bella to go. There are two tickets, Edward tells Charlie. So Edward would go with her.Charlie does not like this suggestion, as he disapproves of the developing relationship between Edward and Bella. Charlie would prefer that Bella work harder on her connection with Jacob Black, the son of Charlie’s friend, Billy Black. Both Billy and Jacob are members of the Quileute tribe and live on reservation land along the western shore of Washington, not far from Forks. Charlie eventually gives in and allows Bella to go after she reminds him that legally she is an adult since she is eighteen. The motive behind Edward wanting to get Bella out of town is that he senses that Victoria is lurking around Forks.

Victoria is a female vampire whom readers met in the first book of this series. Victoria was connected to James, a vampire who attacked Bella.James was killed in a battle with Edward. Victoria is seeking revenge and has vowed to kill Bella. When Victoria is seen near the boundaries between the land around Forks and the Quileute reservation, the werewolves, who are all members of the tribe, and the Cullen family vampires nearly have a fight. No vampires are allowed on the reservation. It is the duty of the werewolves to make sure this pact is kept. But as the vampires searched for Victoria, they almost crossed the border onto the reservation land. This sets off a confrontation between Jake and Edward. Of course, the underlying resentment between them has more to do with their mutual love of Bella and the young men’s consequential...

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