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Community is a consistent theme in the works of Zora Neale Hurston and the primary bond among the smaller stories contained in "The Eatonville Anthology." How does the image of a front porch act as a symbol of the social concept of community? Cite specific incidents from the story that prove this connection.

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How does the narrator's viewpoint direct the reader's understanding and approval of the citizens presented in "The Eatonville Anthology" ? Discuss specific examples.

Hurston has been hailed as a "local colonist." What elements found in "The Eatonville Anthology" are specific to the rural area of central Florida where Eatonville is located? What descriptive details contribute to the reader's understanding of the location?

Do the characters' speech patterns contribute to the story's presentation of local color? If so, how?

How is the issue of race perceived in Eatonville?

How does myth differ from folklore? Which African-American myths or folktales are most recognizable in this work? Discuss the significance of these tales within the context of this story.

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