"The Tears Of The Crocodile"

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Context: Quicksilver, Touchstone's profligate apprentice, Sir Petronel, the prodigal knight who is married to Touchstone's daughter Gertrude, and Security, the usurer, are imprisoned for conspiring to get Gertrude's inheritance. Touchstone at first turns a deaf ear to the pleadings of his own wife, of their two daughters, Gertrude and Mildred, who is the mistress of Quicksilver, of Winifred, the wife of Security, and of the officer Wolf. In other works, references to crocodile tears are made by Robert Burton in the Anatomy of Melancholy (621-1651), Part III, Section 2, Member 2, Subsection 4, by John Suckling in The Sad One, Act IV, scene 5 and by many others.

I am deaf still, I say. I will neither yield to the song of the siren nor the voice of the hyena, the tears of the crocodile nor the howling o' the Wolf: avoid my habitations, monsters!

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