Eastern Mythology Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

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Surveys the major themes and figures of Egyptian mythology.

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An index of names from a wide range of cultural tradition; includes not only mythological heroes, gods, and creatures, but geographical and historical references.

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Presents and discusses the significance and scope of tree and serpent worship in ancient India.

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Studies the primal conflict between Horus and Seth in Egyptian mythology and chronicles the portrayal of this conflict in ancient and medieval European scholarship.

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Traces the relationship between myth and the larger cultural contexts of history, ritual and social institutions, particularly in ancient Near Eastern civilizations.

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Reviews the primary myths of Sumerian culture, with particular focus on origin myths.

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Investigates the relation between myth and philosophy, and the significance of myth as a component of cultural heritage.

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Contrasts the norms and values expressed in the eighteenth-century Thai epic Ramakien with those of the ancient Indian Ramayana.

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Investigates the historical grounding of the Gilgmesh and Lugalbanda narratives from Sumerian mythology and explains the importance of natural phenomena in these myths.