Chapter 9

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Cathy has changed her name to Catherine Amesbury. She meets a man named Mr. Edwards who is a pimp. Through subtle manipulation and agreeing to sleep with the man, Catherine gets him to support her without having to become a hooker. Cathy continues to sleep with Edwards until she is sure he has fallen in love with her and is under her spell. As soon as she feels that this has happened, she begins to steal from him. When he lets the thefts go unremarked, she becomes even more emboldened. Cathy changes the locks on her door so that she will not have to sleep with Edwards anymore. When he comes knocking, however, she relents and lets him in. After all, she wants to keep the money coming. While Cathy may think she has everyone under her control, this chapter reveals her one weakness: alcohol. Something about drinking makes Cathy drop her ruse of innocence. Her demons come raging to the surface. She tells Edwards how much she despises him and exactly how she has been using him. Mr. Edwards thought he loved Cathy and becomes enraged by her deception. She has underestimated the man. She does not understand how quickly love can turn to rage when a person feels betrayed. Edwards finds Cathy and beats her nearly to death. He leaves her unconscious, with a fractured skull, broken teeth, a broken arm, and cracked ribs. Cathy realizes she needs help if she wants to live and drags herself outside to look for help.

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