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Chapter 41

The United States is at the brink of war, yet nothing changes very much for the people who live in the Salinas Valley. The Trask boys are as insensitive to the world change as anyone else. Walking to school, Cal encourages Aron to work hard and take the entrance examinations for college so that he can get out of high school a year early. Cal will stay on the ranch and work. He tells Aron that if passes the exams, he will help him pay for college. Aron agrees to try his best. Cal wonders how Abra will take the news; Aron says she will do whatever he tells her to do. Aron does not tell Abra his plans right away but she is acutely aware of the change in his demeanor. 

Unbeknownst to the rest of his family, Cal pays a visit in town to Will Hamilton. He asks the older man for advice, particularly, how he can make a great deal of money quickly, between twenty and thirty thousand dollars. Will is taken aback. Cal explains that he wants to recoup his father's losses in the lettuce fiasco. Will is touched by the younger Trask's good heart and generosity. Will sees in Cal qualities of his own family and reflects how he missed out on what most of his family possessed: fire for ideas and goodness. Despite his deficiencies, however, Will knows the Hamiltons loved him no...

(The entire section is 491 words.)