Chapter 27

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The twins shoot a rabbit, but because their quills have become mixed up in each other’s holders, they are unsure who made the kill. The boys decide to tell their father that they do not know who should take credit. As they are walking home, Cal feels a meanness in him and decides to shock Aron with the rumors he has heard: their mother is not dead. Aron is aghast and does not believe that their father is capable of lying to them. But Cal knows he’s not totally convinced. He feels a satisfaction in knowing he has hurt his brother. Back at home, the boys are surprised to find they have visitors: Mr. and Mrs. Bacon, and their daughter, Abra. The boys shyly peek in on the guests. Lee brings them in to be introduced. Mrs. Bacon is appalled to learn that the boys have been raised by “the Chinese.” Mrs. Bacon implores Adam to move the family to Salinas where they can receive a proper education. The children are sent outside. Abra, too, is stunned to learn the boys have grown up without a mother. Cal takes offense to her attitude and makes up a story about how Lee beats them. Aron has decided to make a present to Abra of their dead rabbit, but while he is out of earshot, Cal plants the idea that there is something revolting inside. As soon as their team of horses pulls away, Abra chucks the box out of the buggy.

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