Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Donna Livia Palegari

Donna Livia Palegari (LEE-vee-ah pah-leh-GAH-ree), an elderly woman. A mouthpiece of conventional morality and behavior, Donna Livia is a caricature of ignorant self-righteousness. She is outraged because her son defended the infamous Delia Morello in an argument, for she fears he may have fallen in love with a woman of such ill repute. Oblivious to the complexities of human motivation presented by the situation at hand, Donna Livia (and thus the decorum she represents) appears ridiculous and meaningless.

Diego Cinci

Diego Cinci (dee-AH-goh CHEEN-chee), a young friend of Doro Palegari. Diego’s perspective, revealed in lengthy speeches, seems to be the one closest to that developed by the play itself. Tolerant of multiple viewpoints and positions, Diego defends Doro Palegari’s actions to Donna Livia and attempts to show the others the problematic nature of human behavior and the absurdity of human action.

Doro Palegari

Doro Palegari (DOH-roh), the son of Donna Livia. Doro, in support of the notorious Delia Morello, argues with Francesco Savio, who conceives of Delia as a self-serving femme fatale. On meeting Delia, who accepts both Palegari’s and Savio’s interpretations of her story, Doro changes his position. Unfortunately, Savio also alters his point of view, so that the characters are again at odds with each other. They decide to settle their differences in a duel.

Delia Morello

Delia Morello (deh-LEE-ah moh-REH-loh), an elegantly dressed young woman with a questionable past and...

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