E. V. Lucas Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Sparks from a Flint: Odd Rhymes for Odd Times [as E. V. L.] (poetry) 1891

Songs of the Bat (poetry) 1892

Bernard Barton and His Friends (biography) 1893

A Book of Verses for Children [editor] (poetry) 1897

Charles Lamb and the Lloyds (biography) 1898

Willow and Leather: A Book of Praise (poetry and prose) 1898

The Open Road: A Little Book for Wayfarers [editor] (prose and poetry) 1899

Domesticities: A Little Book of Household Impressions (essays) 1900

What Shall We Do Now? A Book of Suggestions for Childen's Games and Enjoyment [with Elizabeth Lucas] (nonfiction) 1900

Wisdom While You Wait [with Charles Larcom Graves] (satire) 1902

The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb. 7 vols, [editor] (prose, poetry, and drama) 1903-05

*Highways and Byways in Sussex (travel essay) 1904

The Friendly Town: A Little Book for the Urbane [editor] (prose and poetry) 1905

The Life of Charles Lamb. 2 vols. (biography) 1905

A Wanderer in Holland (travel essay) 1905

Change for a Halfpenny [with Charles Larcom Graves] (satire) 1906

Fireside and Sunshine (essays) 1906


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