E. M. Delafield Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

Zella Sees Herself (novel) 1917

The Pelicans (novel) 1918

The War-Workers (novel) 1918

Consequences (novel) 1919

Tension (novel) 1920

The Heel of Achilles (novel) 1921

Humbug (novel) 1921

The Optimist (novel) 1922

Messalina of the Suburbs (novel) 1923

The Chip and the Block (novel) 1925

The Entertainment, and Other Stories (short stories) 1927

The Way Things Are (novel) 1927

Women Are Like That (short stories) 1929

Diary of a Provincial Lady (novel) 1930

To See Ourselves: A Domestic Comedy (drama) 1930

Turn Back the Leaves (novel) 1930

Challenge to Clarissa (novel) 1931

Further Diary of a Provincial Lady (novel) 1932; also published as The Provincial Lady Goes Further, 1932, and as The Provincial Lady in London, 1933

Thank Heaven Fasting (novel) 1932; also published as A Good Man's Love, 1932

General Impressions (journalism) 1933

The Glass Wall (drama) 1933

The Provincial Lady in America (novel) 1934

The Bazalgettes [published anonymously] (novel) 1935

The Brontës: Their Lives Recorded by Their Contemporaries [editor] (biography) 1935

As Others Hear Us: A Miscellany (sketches) 1937

Ladies and Gentlemen in Victorian Fiction (criticism) 1937

Straw without Bricks: I Visit Soviet Russia (journalism and essays) 1937; also published as I Visit the Soviets: The Provincial Lady Looks at Russia, 1937

When Women Love (short stories) 1938; also published as Three Marriages, 1939

Love Has No Resurrection, and Other Stories (short stories) 1939

The Provincial Lady in War-Time (novel) 1940

No One Now Will Know (novel) 1941

Late and Soon (novel) 1943