E. L. Thorndike Principal Works

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Principal Works

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

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The Human Nature Club: An Introduction to the Study of Mental Life (nonfiction) 1901

Notes on Child Study (nonfiction) 1901

Educational Psychology (nonfiction) 1903

An Introduction to the Theory of Mental and Social Measurements (nonfiction) 1904

The Elements of Psychology (nonfiction) 1905

Principles of Teaching (nonfiction) 1906

Animal Intelligence: Experimental Studies (nonfiction) 1911

Individuality (nonfiction) 1911

Educational Psychology. 3 vols. (nonfiction) 1913-14

Educational Psychology: Briefer Course (nonfiction) 1914

Reading Scales (nonfiction) 1919

The Teacher's Word Book (nonfiction) 1921

The Psychology of Arithmetic (nonfiction) 1922

The Psychology of Algebra (nonfiction) 1923

The Measurement of Intelligence (nonfiction) 1926

Elementary Principles of Education [with A. I. Gates] (nonfiction) 1929

Human Learning (nonfiction) 1931

The Fundamentals of Learning (nonfiction) 1932

Predictions of Vocational Success (nonfiction) 1934

The Psychology of Wants, Interests, and Attitudes (nonfiction) 1935

The Teaching of Controversial Subjects (nonfiction) 1937

Education as Cause and Symptom (nonfiction) 1939

Your City (nonfiction) 1939

Human Nature and the Social Order (nonfiction) 1940

Man and His Works (nonfiction) 1943

Psychology and the Science of Education: Selected Writings [edited by Geraldine M. Jonchich] (nonfiction) 1962