Dylan Thomas Other Literary Forms

Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)
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Dylan Thomas was above all else a poet. His main collections of poems are Eighteen Poems (1934), Twenty-five Poems (1936), The Map of Love (1939), New Poems (1943), Deaths and Entrances (1946), Twenty-six Poems (1950), In Country Sleep (1952), Collected Poems, 1934-1952 (1952), and The Poems of Dylan Thomas (1971), a posthumous collection edited by Daniel Jones.

Thomas was also a writer of prose. With John Davenport, he wrote a novel, The Death of the King’s Canary (1976), published more than twenty years after Thomas’s death. Among his major collections of short stories are Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog (1940) and two collections published posthumously, A Prospect of the Sea and Other Stories (1955) and Adventures in the Skin Trade and Other Stories (1955). A definitive edition of his short fiction, The Collected Stories, was published in 1984.

Particularly germane to a consideration of Thomas the dramatist are his radio scripts. The collection Quite Early One Morning (1954) contains twenty-two scripts for broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Two of these scripts, Quite Early One Morning (1944) and Return Journey (1947), contributed to the evolution of Under Milk Wood. A third radio script, The Londoner (1946), also contributed to the evolution of the play and is included in the volume “The Doctor and the Devils” and Other Scripts (1966). This volume also contains two film scripts, The Doctor and the Devils (1953) and Twenty Years A’Growing (1964). Other film scripts by Thomas include three published posthumously: The Beach at Falesá, published in 1963; Rebecca’s Daughters, published in 1965; and Me and My Bike, also published in 1965. Thomas also wrote two potboilers, Three Weird Sisters (1948), with Louise Birt and David Evans, and No Room at the Inn (1948), with Ivan Foxwell for British National.

Thomas’s notebooks and letters have also been published: Letters to Vernon Watkins (1957), edited by Watkins; Selected Letters of Dylan Thomas (1966), edited by Constantine FitzGibbon; Poet in the Making: The Notebooks of Dylan Thomas (1968), edited by Ralph Maud; and Twelve More Letters by Dylan Thomas (1969), edited by FitzGibbon.