Stephen King's Duma Key was published in 2008 by Scribner. The story takes place on a nearly uninhabited island near Florida. The novel follows the characters’ near-death experiences and the consequential effect of human psychic powers. The main character, Edgard Freemantle, is an ordinary guy with a few eccentricities. He is a wealthy man who worked in the construction industry and also is without an arm due to an accident. He was struck by a construction crane. The horrible accident left him also with some loss of memory. He also is without his wife. In a post-accident fit of rage, he tried to choke her and stab her with plastic cutlery.

Edward's story begins with his move from Minnesota to Florida. He arrives in Duma and the breathtaking sunsets outside of his home inspire him to draw. He names his house “Bing Pink.” Edward shows a talent for details and they begin to have a way of foreshadowing real events or causing them. Another neighbor, Elizabeth Eastlake, also has considerable artistic talents.

Elizabeth lives with Wireman, an affectionate ex-lawyer who takes care of her. They live in a confusing and foggy state of mind as each of them has suffered a head injury. Edward develops a friendship with Wireman. Edward also befriends Jack Contori, a college student who assists Edward.

The setting continues to turn into an odd zone of unsteadying events. In an odd twist, Edward becomes famous in the local art scene. The chronic pain from his injuries begins to decrease. Edward constructs frogs the size of cocker spaniels and the final segment of the story unfolds from there with all that readers expect from Stephen King.

King is praised by critics for his ability to construct the story and let the event patiently unfold. The criticism is based in a less than horrifying novel, as readers have made synonymous with King’s name. Also critics have noted that King spends excessive time on Edward’s entry into the art world. Its dovetailing of art and truth, in the main character of Edward is compelling and heartbreaking.