The Duchess of Malfi Act 5, Scenes 2: Questions and Answers
by John Webster

The Duchess of Malfi book cover
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Act 5, Scenes 2: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does the Cardinal kill Julia?

2. What does Bosola consider doing with Antonio?

3. Why does Bosola say he has come to the Cardinal?

4. How does Ferdinand justify his solitude?

5. What will Bosola do if the Cardinal falls out of favor?

1. The Cardinal forces Julia to kiss a poisoned Bible.

2. Bosola considers joining Antonio “in a most just revenge.”

3. Bosola has come to the Cardinal in order to find a great man who is “not out of his wits” and can remember Bosola’s services.

4. Ferdinand considers himself to be like an eagle, who flies alone, while other birds like crows and starlings flock together.

5. If the Cardinal falls out of favor, Bosola will leave him and “shift to other dependence.”