Breakfast illustration of bacon, eggs, and coffee with the silhouetted images of the Duchess' evil brothers, one on each side

The Duchess of Malfi

by John Webster

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Act 5, Scene 3-5: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. What does Antonio resolve to do while he is by the Duchess’s grave?

2. Why don’t the Cardinal’s guests come to his aid as he’s attacked by Bosola?

3. What does Antonio say about churches and cities?

4. Why does Bosola kill Antonio?

5. What does Delio hope to do for the Duchess’s oldest son?

1. Antonio resolves to leave “this ague” and “not henceforth save myself by halves; lose all, or nothing.”

2. The Cardinal has told his guests not to disturb Ferdinand or himself posing as Ferdinand.

3. Antonio says that churches and cities have the same diseases men have, and they “must have like death that we have.”

4. Bosola mistakes Antonio for the Cardinal, who has just said he plans to kill Bosola.

5. Delio hopes to establish him in his mother’s dukedom.

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