The Duchess of Malfi Act 5, Scene 1: Questions and Answers
by John Webster

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Act 5, Scene 1: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Pescara refuse to give Delio any of Antonio’s land?

2. What does Delio think of the prospect of Antonio’s reconcilement to Ferdinand and the Cardinal?

3. Why does Delio ask Pescara for some of Antonio’s land?

4. What does Pescara say is wrong with Ferdinand?

5. What does Antonio call Delio?

1. The land was illicitly taken, so it would be wrong to give it to anyone but a strumpet.

2. Delio doubts that there can be a reconcilement, and he believes they have instead set nets to trap Antonio in Milan.

3. Delio asks for the land in order to find out who the land was being given to.

4. Pescara says that Ferdinand either has apoplexy or a frenzy.

5. Antonio refers to Delio as “My lov’d and best friend.”