The Duchess of Malfi Ace 2, Scenes 3-5: Questions and Answers

John Webster

Ace 2, Scenes 3-5: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What excuse did Julia give to make her trip to Rome?

2. What does Ferdinand fear he will see the Duchess do?

3. Why does Bosola pray at night?

4. In what month and year was the Duchess’s oldest son born?

5. Why has Delio brought Julia gold?

1. Julia told Castruchio she “came to visit an old anchorite here, for devotion.”

2. Ferdinand fears he will “see her in the shameful act of sin.”

3. Since the court is asleep at night, Bosola “thought the devil has least to do.”

4. The Duchess's son was born in December, 1504.

5. The reasons for Delio bringing Julia gold remain unclear throughout the play.