The Duchess of Malfi Act 3, Scenes 3-5: Summary and Analysis

John Webster

Act 3, Scenes 3-5: Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Pilgrims: two pilgrims to the shrine at Loretto who witness the Cardinal’s investiture as a soldier and Antonio and the Duchess’s banishment

The Marquis of Pescara: converses with Silvio and Delio, and later seizes Antonio’s lands

The Cardinal and Ferdinand, together with Malateste, Pescara, Silvio, and Delio, open scene three by planning to join a military coalition with the Marquis of Pescara and Lannoy. Bosola enters, and Ferdinand, questioning the truth of the Duchess’s alleged pilgrimage, wonders if her children “were ever christ’ned.” The Cardinal sets off for Loretto, and Ferdinand tells Bosola to get together 150 of...

(The entire section is 820 words.)